See Ya Second Year!

A Bit About Bristol

I couldn’t make this more cliche if I tried, BUT, it is so hard to believe that second year is finally over.

After wanting to reenact Bridget Jones and tuck into that huge pot of Ben and Jerry’s whilst crying, I spent time on reflecting how good this university year has been and how much I have progressed since September. (How much I feel I have progressed anyway).

Soon after moving out of my university accommodation last April, I moved into this pretty pleasing four-story house in Bristol’s City Centre.

The best part about the house (other than how we are a stone’s throw from Bristol Central Library, Bristol Cathedral, and College Green), is how I get to live there with four friends I have known since secondary school.


For lack of a better (more appropriate or sober) picture of the five of us together, from the left, I give you: Kerry, Alex, Laura, myself and Lia! We really are a crazy bunch. The fact we are all Welsh is enough to send people running.
I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of the diverse bonds I have with each of these individuals and have no idea how I would get through the uni year without the late night chats, watching of shit films, exploring of Bristol, and the absolutely crazy nights out I have had with this lot and the other completely cuckoo people we have met. *feeling very lucky right now* I can be soppy. Sometimes.

In regards to the studious aspect of university… it is the reason we are all here, after all, I’ve realised how much you have to strive towards getting the results you feel you deserve, and how substantial results require consistent dedication and effort.

I sound like I’m impersonating a lecturer, but it really is true. I know if we all had it our way, we’d all take 1:1 without having to do any work! Ahhhh, that would be dreamy wouldn’t it?

I’m currently at home in Wales, and even when people say home is where the heart is, going to uni in Bristol is having such a profound effect on my life. If I am to move out of the city after university, a part of me will always stay there.

Being lucky enough to live so close to these popular attractions, how could I ever complain?

Bristol Cathedral

The Playground Cafe

The Three Tuns (a breath away from our house at York Place)

Bristol Harbourside

Brandon Hill Nature Park

The Hippodrome, At Bristol, Bristol Zoo, Bristol Aquarium, Ashton Court, the list is endless.

I am spending the summer volunteering at Bristol Central Library, working at my job as a Student Ambassador, and searching for some work experience that’s related to Media and Journalism.

We move into our new house on July 1 and I am SO excited. I love Bristol and I always will.

How are you finding uni? And what are you looking forward to the most this summer? If you want any information on Bristol, feel free to get in contact!

Thank you for reading,

Rebecca x

7 thoughts on “See Ya Second Year!

  1. Awwww so great to see you loving Bristol so much! I moved here after uni and haven’t looked back! Such a banger of a city, and I’m so jealous you’re still in your uni days .. 😁 Embrace ALL of it xxx


  2. Then our adoration for the city is on the same level!

    Uni is absolutely crazy, but, life has much more in store for us! 😉 thank you so much you darling. I sure will. Scanning through your page now, will definitely give you a follow.

    Have a gorgeous day! x

    Liked by 1 person

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