Gotaway On A Getaway


Everybody loves going away. If I’m right, great. If I’m not, then there we are.

Whether you’ve been up to your eyeballs in work, whizzing around university, or you’ve just had enough of life, it’s always enlightening to think about the escapism you’ll get out of a little trip away.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll try to cram in a break by the ocean whenever you can! After going to Lanzarote during my winter break last year, my mum has decided to make it into an annual thing.

We did the same this year, (being a student you learn to take advantage of the chance to go away), but this time we stayed in the SENTIDO Aequora Lanzarote. I wish I had blogged about it whilst I was out there, but I actually took my MacBook so I could blast out an essay for one of my modules because the deadline was a few days before we left! Doing a 2500 word essay is tactical, but with a few rays of sunshine, who could complain?

Our next trip to Lanzarote has been booked for January 2017, and I’m already excited to experience a new place there, as it will be my fourth time visiting!

Furthermore, the ‘getaway’ I’m referring to in this blog post is my most recent one. As soon as second-year finished, my mum said it would be lovely to fly somewhere nice, in a bid to escape the unpredictable, ruthless British weather!

Life is never a walk in the park in Wales. Especially when you have the threat of a tree hitting you in the face because the wind is so bad, or a neighbours brick falling off their chimney on to your car or something! Haha.

My mum wanted to go to Greece, as she has never been before. Having been to Malia and Faliraki, I suggested we go to Kalimaki, (about 20 minutes away from Laganas for all of you Zante lovers), and so it was booked!

I haven’t long been back, but it was so nice to chill out just me and my mum, as at home it’s all hustle and bustle when you have your parents doing something 24/7, siblings arranging things and 3 nieces running around the place! Wow I’m just realising how long a blog post this is. I have always been a waffler. Soz.

We stayed in the Marlene hotel, (pronounced as Marilyn), which my mum absolutely loved because I played Marilyn Monroe in my final performance for my Drama GCSE, and since that she seems to think I love her!

Taking my absolute holiday essentials (not all of them) because if this was all of them, there would be 1000 pics! I should have papped my Sun lotion, after sun, Aloe Vera, mosquito spray etc. You name it, I felt prepared.


I love this woman.

More about the place: Kalimaki is a 20/25 minute walk from Laganas, the town that’s home to crazy party island Zante! Instead of hopping in a taxi, each day we walked to Laganas via the beach, which was perfect. Walking miles doesn’t seem so bad when you’re on the beach does it?

The week was filled with days on the beach, splashing in the water, experiencing different places to eat, meeting new people, and extreme relaxation! These are all things I find imperative when you’re away and lusting for that de-stressing experience, which is what I got from visiting Kalamaki.

It was exactly what I was looking for after finishing my second year because when something is physically and emotionally demanding, whether that’s work or education, it can be difficult to feel at ease when you come out of that work routine! As some would say, it’s nothing a few cocktails can’t fix! I must admit I probably bought about 20 glasses of ‘gin fizz’.

We went on a Monday, so by the Friday, we thought we would do something a bit more exciting than mooch about! Which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially when this was my view at the time…

Thinking about what activity to do, my mum booked a boat trip to Zante’s Turtle Island and the Blue Caves! The weather was glorious, and when it’s almost 30 degrees, what a better way to spend the day than by the sea? We set off on a little boat and let the views take our breath away.

You wouldn’t believe the achievement I felt when I spotted this turtle.

As Perfect As A Postcard

Blue Water Dreams

After about an hour of sailing, our captain told us we would be stopping at a hidden beach, where he gave us a chance to swim, grab some ice cream and come to grips with the beautiful things we had just witnessed!

Having been to Spain, Portugal, America, Mexico, Cyprus, and many more places around the world, I could still hardly believe what was right in front of me.

Safe to say, I did not want to leave this island!

If you are looking for a perfect holiday, I definitely recommend Kalimaki, Zante, or any Greek island for that matter!

This trip was everything that I needed, from spending quality time with my mum to having the stress from my most intensive term at uni sucked out of me!

I’m looking forward to returning to Greece in August, and I’m already excited to do a holiday essentials post!

Have you been to Greece? Or are you going anywhere exciting this summer? Let me know 🌞

Thanks for reading, have a great day 💙

Rebecca x


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