Going Back To Greece

Life Is Good

Happy Sunday! Today is such a good day. The sun is shining and Frank Ocean has released his new album ‘Blond’, something I have waited for since what feels like FOREVER! (2012)

On the 4th of this month, I went back to Greece with my friends. We went to the country’s smallest island, Kos, and stayed in a cute, little place called Kardamena!

Being abroad is what truly makes me happy, and since myself and 9 of my friends had all jetted off on holiday, to not have fun was actually impossible!

August 10th was my favourite day of the holiday. Why? We had booked to go to one of the islands hotspots called ‘Bubble Beach’, or to the natives, ‘Paradise Beach’. Paying 10€ each, we were told to be at the harbour for 9:40AM, as our boat (the Pirate ship) was to leave at 10:00AM.

The journey lasted for about 40 minutes and breathing in the sea air and admiring the views of the island was truly lovely.

Smiles All Round

In 35 degree heat, you really do feel like you’re catching a glimpse of paradise!

Could you get sick of the sight of that crystal clear water?

Hopping off our pirate ship and on to a small speedboat, we couldn’t stop saying how excited we were to experience Bubble Beach.

What a beautiful place!
7/10 of us paid 4€ to go on this huge assault course that was placed in the ocean and we spent half of our day on there and the other half sunbathing, chatting and listening to the sounds of laughter and the sea calmly greeting the sand.

When it came to 3:30PM, it was our time to depart Paradise beach and head back to our hotel!

Kos is a beautiful, quiet island, where the staff are friendly and holiday-goers seem more than willing to relish in heart-warming chats.

I’m such a beach baby at heart, and so Kardamena beach was my favourite place to visit.

When I was here, I felt like I could switch off easily and didn’t have a worry in the world! Is anybody else like that when they’re at the beach?

I spent each day appreciating the amazing views and the Greek way of life! This included taking plenty of pictures, ha ha.

Kos have this burger restaurant called ‘Burger Box’, and I can hand on my heart and say that it’s the best burger I have ever eaten!


Greece is a breathtaking place that provides gorgeous coffee, mouthwatering dishes for dinner, stunning places for breakfast, and an impressive everything else.

I would happily go back there every year for the rest of my life!

Where have you been that you have loved or want to go back to? Would you go to Kos?

Thanks for reading! Have a gorgeous day, and give Frank Ocean’s new album ‘Blond’ a listen to 💛

Rebecca x

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