A Lovely Sunday In Bath

Productive Vibes

Everybody loves a productive Sunday. Well I know I do.

There’s nothing better than waking up on a Sunday morning and seeing the sun peep through your blinds or curtains. But it’s even better when it’s early. That crisp morning air, being able to think to yourself that you have the whole day to do whatever you want. LOVE IT.

My weekend was fresh. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t go out on a Saturday night, and so I thought the time has come. This weekend I must stay in. And so I did, and I feel like you can relate when I say nothing beats waking up fresh on a Sunday morning.

You’re energetic, fresh, full of life and want to make the most of the last day of your weekend!

Being a third year means a huuuugggeee workload. Therefore, I ensure that I get all of my work done during the week in order to have at least Saturday and Sunday off. Succeeding in this, I thought to myself, hm. How shall I spend my Sunday?

I was up at 8am and my housemate Ellie came into my downstairs bedroom and asked, “shall we just go to Bath?”

I’ve never been to the city that’s famous for its incredible Georgian architecture, original Roman Baths and much more. So why not go on a Sunny Sunday, eh?

Hopping in my car at around 9:45am, me and Ellie had an upbeat and rather fast drive to Bath from Bristol.

As soon as we got there I started taking pictures! 

The skies were blue and the houses were stunning!

I can’t get over this house. I want it.

Ellie said that her mum Sue loves this particular bookshop in Bath, and said that we should go there first! “It’s something you’d love Bec.” She said.

I felt like such a tourist taking so many pictures, but this shop is a place I’d recommend to anyone. Please go there if you love reading!!!!!

There she is ^

Mr. B’s Emporium of reading delights is tucked away on John Street and it’s so cute. Inside they include little ‘Mr. B thinks’ notes where you can read what Mr. B thinks of certain books. Cool isn’t it.

I love absolutely everything about this beautiful bookshop, especially its quirky furniture!

After leaving Mr. B’s, mooching around Jo Malone and smelling way too many candles, we walked into The Fudge Kitchen on Church Street.

Ellie (the expert on Bath) said that they sometimes show people how they make the fudge and that everyone who comes to Bath has to try this melt in your mouth deliciousness.

The customer service there is too excellent to explain, and as soon as I spoke to the two gentlemen there I knew I was going to end up buying some fudge! It’s £5 a slab, but I’m addicted to all things sweet and thought it would be rude not to. I ended up with dark chocolate and sea salt. I still have some left in my cupboard and I never want it to run out.

We carried on with our browsing, and as per usual, I carried on with my ubiquitous picture-taking.

Excuse the last picture, I am just super excited for Christmas!

I was sad to leave not having experienced the Roman Baths, but next time I go to Bath it will be the first thing I do.

If you’re ever wondering how to spend your Sunday, Bath is the perfect place to visit.

Thank you so much for Reading! Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

Rebecca x

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