Mexican Fiesta

Ai, ai, ai!

I feel like every time I write a blog post I start it with how sorry I am for taking such a long hiatus… I used to consider myself a bit of a creative cat, but if I am that creative, how come I find myself struggling to find stuff to write about?!

Anyways, hi! I’m back! And you guessed it, it’s another holiday-based blog post 😉

On July 6th this year, I turned 21 years old. So like any teen about to hit the age that’s apparently the ‘key to the door’, I pondered and pondered over the answer to the “so what would you like for your birthday?” question.

As a teenager fortunate enough to have life essentials and some luxury items, I honestly just wanted to be with my family and friends (as long as there was some birthday cake)!

Though, being the holiday fanatic that I am, my mum decided to surprise me with a holiday to the Caribbean.

The wonderful woman chose Mexico as our dream location, since we went way back in 2001, which yes, means unfortunately enough I was too young to remember the best bits. The only memories I have are of the massive waves.

It was time to make new memories



And this was before the storm.

When we arrived here: we were greeted warmly with glasses of champers. At this point, I couldn’t have been happier…

The sun was shining, and off we went to our hotel room. You know when you arrive at a hotel and you just get that feeling where you’re like ‘I’m going to love it here’? Well, it was exactly like that.

I and my mum spent our days mooching around the humongous place, basking in the Caribbean sunshine, drinking mimosas, breathing in the rainforest-y air. You get it.

Now it’s time for the piccies…




With Mexico being 10 hours behind the U.K, you can imagine the jet lag is pretty aggressive! But, being someone who tries to see the light in every situation, I would wake up around 6am every morning and walk down to the beach area just to catch that brisk morning air and glorious view.


l felt so calm and at ease here…I never wanted to leave.


Swimming was a dream come true. Honestly.


Hammocks. HAMMOCKS. I might move here.


Awww. I loved this day.


On one of the days, we booked to swim with the dolphins. My mum kept on telling me how much I will enjoy it, and how much she loved it when her and my uncle did it the last time we were here.

You weren’t allowed to take pictures here, so this is the only one I managed to get. I definitely do not agree with them being kept captive in these environments, but the only thing that gave me peace of mind was that they are in still in the ocean rather than a swimming pool.

It was such a lovely day, bonding with my mum being my favourite part. Though I can’t say that I loved the prices for our pictures with the dolphins 😉

Since we are on the topic of animals… our balcony was surrounded by beautiful tall trees, which were constantly subject to the antics of the monkeys!


The rest of our time was spent immersing ourselves in Mexican culture, listening to the music of the locals –


Floating around the hotel’s different restaurants,


And a lot of reading and relaxing.

I can’t thank my mum enough for such an unforgettable birthday gift. Nobody dislikes receiving material items, but making memories through new experiences is priceless.

If you want to ask me anything about the hotel and its services or anything involving Mexico, please feel free!!

Rebecca x

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