Breaking the norm and becoming a better version of yourself

Stop fearing failure

Failure of fear, or ‘Atychiphobia’, is amongst one of the worst feelings ever. If you think you may be prone to a fear of failure, its simple- you need to try and break the cycle. Conquering and overcoming the failure of fear is all about trying to forget how much we were told to not do this and not do that when we are younger. It’s so easy to be cautious! If you’re constantly thinking about avoiding going wrong and whether you’re doing things wrong, you may find yourself locked in the cycle of thinking that you’re incompetent and finding that you seek confirmation or permission constantly. My advice is, without failure, there’s less opportunity to focus on ensuring and shaping maximum success. Have you ever heard of anyone successful who has never failed at anything, ever in their life?

Say yes

Anybody would say that you can’t say “yes” to absolutely everything in life, but saying yes more often will help produce an optimistic outlook on life. You’ll find yourself grasping opportunities that you wouldn’t usually take, and with new opportunities come new changes…an essential for a colourful life filled to the brim with content and confidence!

Say no

If you’re reading this and you’re a people pleaser, you’re not anymore. By saying no I do not mean saying no to things for the sake of it or saying no to things you might or really want to do! I’m talking about the offers you may get from friends, family, colleagues, maybe even your boyfriend or girlfriend, which you know deep down you don’t really fancy doing, but you do it anyway just to make them happy. Plenty of glories come with satisfying those who surround you, that doesn’t mean you should forget how you might benefit from saying “no” to something unappetizing in exchange for saying “yes” to something appetizing.

Buh-bye procrastination

Procrastination- the universal state of being for those who want to do more, but always find a reason to delay actually getting it done, hits us all at one point, I swear. When I was still at university avoiding procrastination is one of the most difficult habits to maintain! But I’ll tell you what helps…making those daily to-do lists so you can keep track of what’s urgent and what’s not. Once you’ve ticked all those boxes on that little list, you’re free to do whatever you want, and how fun is that?

Buh-bye negativity

Negativity is toxic for the mind, body, and soul, and one of the hardest things ever is trying to escape resorting back to negative thoughts as a coping mechanism for the inevitable in life, like stress. Amidst some of the best things to do to combat those negative feelings are eating right, exercising, being kind to others, surrounding yourself with friends and family, and just doing more of what you want to do and what you feel is right. I also find self-help books really helpful! Take a look at these.

Breaking the norm and becoming a better version of yourself

Too many of us get stuck in the same routine and do the same things with the same attitude too much of the time. This is what gets people down. This is what we need to do less of! Forget failure, say yes, say no, avoid procrastination and negativity and you’ll break the norm, and become an EVEN better version of you.


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