See Ya Second Year!

A Bit About Bristol

I couldn’t make this more cliche if I tried, BUT, it is so hard to believe that second year is finally over.

After wanting to reenact Bridget Jones and tuck into that huge pot of Ben and Jerry’s whilst crying, I spent time on reflecting how good this university year has been and how much I have progressed since September. (How much I feel I have progressed anyway).

Soon after moving out of my university accommodation last April, I moved into this pretty pleasing four-story house in Bristol’s City Centre.

The best part about the house (other than how we are a stone’s throw from Bristol Central Library, Bristol Cathedral, and College Green), is how I get to live there with four friends I have known since secondary school.


For lack of a better (more appropriate or sober) picture of the five of us together, from the left, I give you: Kerry, Alex, Laura, myself and Lia! We really are a crazy bunch. The fact we are all Welsh is enough to send people running.
I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of the diverse bonds I have with each of these individuals and have no idea how I would get through the uni year without the late night chats, watching of shit films, exploring of Bristol, and the absolutely crazy nights out I have had with this lot and the other completely cuckoo people we have met. *feeling very lucky right now* I can be soppy. Sometimes.

In regards to the studious aspect of university… it is the reason we are all here, after all, I’ve realised how much you have to strive towards getting the results you feel you deserve, and how substantial results require consistent dedication and effort.

I sound like I’m impersonating a lecturer, but it really is true. I know if we all had it our way, we’d all take 1:1 without having to do any work! Ahhhh, that would be dreamy wouldn’t it?

I’m currently at home in Wales, and even when people say home is where the heart is, going to uni in Bristol is having such a profound effect on my life. If I am to move out of the city after university, a part of me will always stay there.

Being lucky enough to live so close to these popular attractions, how could I ever complain?

Bristol Cathedral

The Playground Cafe

The Three Tuns (a breath away from our house at York Place)

Bristol Harbourside

Brandon Hill Nature Park

The Hippodrome, At Bristol, Bristol Zoo, Bristol Aquarium, Ashton Court, the list is endless.

I am spending the summer volunteering at Bristol Central Library, working at my job as a Student Ambassador, and searching for some work experience that’s related to Media and Journalism.

We move into our new house on July 1 and I am SO excited. I love Bristol and I always will.

How are you finding uni? And what are you looking forward to the most this summer? If you want any information on Bristol, feel free to get in contact!

Thank you for reading,

Rebecca x

Social Media Is My Boyfriend

Easy Like Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday. Of course, I am still wrapped up in bed.

Pleaseeeee don’t hate me, I promise I’m just your stereotypical university student.

Excluding the extraordinary place that is my university, my bedroom is the probably the space in which I think the most. So this morning I peeped my green eyes open and asked myself whether I think more in the night before I go to sleep or in the morning as soon as I wake up.

We’re exhausted in the nights (unless we have had a few coffees or red bulls, or monsters for you gamers) and groggy in the mornings – especially if we have the task of conquering a 9am start. But we can all hold hands and say that we are victims of the little demons that are Overthinking and Social Media. 

As if we didn’t overthink enough before social media. Ha.

5 tweets, 1 status, a stalk on Instagram and 100 messages on your group chat later, it’s 2am now and you have to be up in 6 hours. Fuck.

Well, that’s what happened to me last night and this morning, and probably every night for the past 8 or so years.I’m also not enough of a liar (barely a liar at all), to say that this doesn’t happen to me every morning or night. Are you the same? This morning an hour and a half is the amount I spent tapping, scrolling and commenting on Instagram. Ahhh Instagram, my fave. Everyone loves a good creep.

I’m also not enough of a liar (barely a liar at all), to say that this doesn’t happen to me every morning or night. Are you the same? This morning an hour and a half is the amount I spent tapping, scrolling and commenting on Instagram. Ahhh Instagram, my fave. Everyone loves a good creep.

Have I ever committed to something as much as I commit to checking social media every morning, throughout the day, and before I go to sleep? Absolutely not.

I admit it. I am in a serious, committed relationship with social media.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube, you name it. Just anything I can set my eyes or get my hands on.

“If you didn’t tweet about it, did it even happen?”

In a world where our smart devices have such a substantial impact on our lives, is it now the norm to think that if you don’t tweet or broadcast something major that happened in the party you went to last night, then it didn’t happen?

If you went for brunch in that really posh place in Chelsea without Instagramming your eggs Benedict, did you really go?

Yes, you did.

Except we love that feeling of dirty satisfaction after letting our social circles know what we are up to. After getting 50 likes on that photo of eggs benedict. After getting 100 retweets on that tweet about freshers. We thrive off it.

When it comes to social media, will we ever learn? Or will it always be the person we’re on a date with who we are always trying to impress?

Thanks for reading! Have a spectacular Sunday.

Rebecca x


Enjoy The Simple Pleasures In Life 

Being a Blogger

This morning I thought about my blog and laughed. I thought I had ‘writer’s block’. I’ve written 3 blog posts. Not a book.

I’m just sat listening to Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’ IT IS SO GOOD. But my “good” could be your “shit”. We all have different tastes though, don’t we?


The reason for this post is partly in the title – enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

My inspiration for this came from the wild ones I follow on Instagram. These inspirational idiots occasionally post about happiness or something in relation to it.

Do you need to learn how to be happy? No. Unless it’s a subject.

Do you need to be in love to be happy? No.

Does everything need to be perfect for you to be happy? Of course not. Unless you’re a perfectionist. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT. Well, not me anyway. I’m a

Unless you’re a perfectionist. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT. Well, not me, anyway, as I’m a 19-year-old university student.

Happiness comes from almost everything, and happiness comes from almost everyone! However being optimistic really does help.
Don’t be hard on yourself for not being happy when times are tough!

Happiness is natural, right?

What to do when happiness hits?

I don’t know about you, but I dislike the “all good things come to an end” malarkey.



Happiness can sprout from the most simple things in life; for me, making other people happy is what makes me the happiest.



  • Speak to someone and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life!
  • Say something nice to someone!
  • Try to smile at least 10 times!

Truly appreciate the people in your life, your environment, the chance you have to be educated, the gift of life!!!!

What some of us have could make another person happy in a millisecond.



Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the simple pleasures in your life x

Rebecca x

60 Minutes In A Strip Club


I’ve always been curious about strip clubs. And everyone knows curiosity killed the cat.

When I and my friend left a club early on a Friday night, she turned to me and said, “We should go to ***** *****, see what it’s like.” I was the curious cat, and I didn’t want the curiosity to kill me, so I went.

I was the curious cat, and I didn’t want the curiosity to kill me, so I went.

Getting money out of the bank to pay the entry fee she laughs, “I’m using money from my dad’s card so he can’t find out about this.” Hilarious. Walking up to the intimidating black door, well I say walking but the bottle of Prosecco, wine at VIP and numerous vodka & lemonades made me feel like I was on Jupiter.

The man at the door was nice, though. He made me give him my full attention (probably due to the fact that he was from Wales, like me).

Nicole reaches for her money and pays first, which makes me wonder if she’s a bit drunker than me. Maybe I am drunker than her – I don’t entirely know.

“£10 girls.” Chirps the man behind the till. Nicole replies, “do you do student discount?” As a joke. He’s laughing. Student discount. In a strip club. Hilarious.

Come On In

Strutting in like Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, we go straight to the bar. Two shots of tequila – this is what we need for Dutch courage, so two shots are what we’ll get. Nice price too, £9.50. £9.50!

I chuck back the liquid and my face doesn’t even scrunch up in despair, proving my drunkness. Licking the salt off my hand like a golden retriever, I squish the lime between my teeth. Tasty.

After buying ourselves a drink each, we sit down.

First, we’re stopped by a wall of two ladies in lingerie who say they’ll give us a special dance if we want one. We say, “we’ll let you know”, even though we know that we wouldn’t be letting them know anytime soon. We smirk and sit down at a table.

Along comes a woman in lingerie with Auburn hair, staring at the pole she’s about to devote herself to. Men crowd in their suits with their drinks, watching as she takes the small stage. Swinging her legs around the pole, she climbs up, bends backwards and takes off her bra at the same time. She’s selling her soul to the pole.

All I can hear is the clinking of drinks, wedding rings on a number of fingers being the reason for the clinking. I highly doubt that any of these middle-aged men are married to one of the dancers.

Sat down, the security guard whose job it is to check that everybody is conforming to the rules (no touching, no filming, no phones) keeps sitting down next to me. Excluding the fact he has slept with over 300 women, so he says, we speak about the club and how it is actually respectful, in terms of the rules and exclusivity.

My eyes are blurring, my heads fuzzy, however, I’m enjoying my ice cold drink and laughing with Nicole over “why we came here in the first place.”

A dancer sits down next to me. She looks amazing, smells even better, and asks me where I’m from. “Do you want a private dance for £25?” she asks. I nod my head, although she continues by saying, “you’re not to worry about paying by card. The name of the club doesn’t show on bank statements.” I decline politely.

As we are here for the experience and all, Nicole says, “we are waiting for one of the girls to finish work.”

Let’s Leave

We indulge in the sexy atmosphere and its people until we decide to leave before overstaying our welcome.

I can say that I have experienced the steamy, seductive scene of ‘the strip club’, but that will be it. Until I go to Vegas or something.

Thanks for reading! Have you been to a place that’s surprised you?

Rebecca x

Fifty Shades Of How To Be Prepared To Watch Fifty Shades


£7.50 to see what everyone has been talking about for 1000 years? Yes. Am I proud to admit that? No. I was bored and it was Friday and it was Friday and I was bored, so I dragged my flatmates along to Fifty Shades (I say dragged but I knew Jason would fancy Jamie Dornan and Amy would secretly like it). He does and she did. She didn’t think it was shit at all.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 23.53.04

I’ll narrow it down…

Worst part? The film.

Best part?…


Yeah. I could just stare at that for eternity. But I’d like to think I have more brain cells than that. I probably don’t.

Preparation is Key

  • Take someone or someONES that will laugh at the cringe parts. If you can keep a straight face at “I don’t make love. I fuck, hard.” Your face must be made of stone.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed that you’re watching it because if you know you will be, don’t go!
  • The majority of the audience will be women (mostly over 30’s) I’m speaking from experience. And I am in no way whatsoever saying it’s a bad thing, as when Christian carried Ana out of the playroom an older lady sat in the cinema shouted, “She’s FUCKED!” And everyone was in stitches.
  • Don’t take this film too seriously, ask yourself, “Is this going to happen at some point in my life?” Because I can tell you one thing, it will not be happening in mine. But then again, neither of us are Mystic Meg.

If you have read the trilogy, know that you’re in for a spot of disappointment, as the movie’s plot mixes with the first book as much as oil and water. But you could say they’re saving the storyline for the next film. If they come up with one by then.

What to Take Away From This Viewing Experience

Chart music, cringe quotes, a few tips on BDSM, along with a mental image of Dakota Johnson’s boobs, and a very necessary laugh with my flatmates who said they will not be going back to watch it anytime soon. But how do I know they’re not watching it online in the comfort of their own rooms?

If I find out, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading! When was the last time you watched something on the big screen?

Rebecca x

This Could be the Worst or Best First Blog Post Ever

With all the free time that comes with being in uni (no free time at all) (I shouldn’t really be making this blog 1 month before deadlines either) – but I am.

I am making this blog.

At first, I didn’t know what to write about. I was like, “Uni?” But then I was like, “Fuck no.”

I considered if anyone in uni was to read this, (this being something you can refer to as an ‘irrelevant’ blog), I’d have to provide them with something, or some things, that are interesting.

Won’t I?

Rebecca x